Need just the right card to send to the poor soul who isn't currently in one of the raddest states in the US-- UTAH? We have you covered.

Each "Hello from Utah Greeting Card" is specially made and unique! Each individual card is printed by hand by St George area resident and shop owner Alex Petersen Barrus.


Due to varying pressure and ink during block printing, each card is distinctly handmade and offers a touch that machine-printed cards just can't, which means: EACH CARD IS SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT, but each is bright and beautiful! (Perfectly imperfect as much of life should be!)

Made with love, especially love for Utah!

Purchase of this listing includes:

  • 1 hand-printed "Hello from Utah Greeting Card" (blank inside)
  • 1 accompanying envelope, all sealed in clear cello packaging

Vendors: please contact me directly for bulk order details.

Hand Printed Hello from Utah Greeting Card