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Hi! It's nice to "cyber-meet" you!

I'm Alex Petersen Barrus, and I am the artist behind Pete&Pen. I'm a curly-haired, ADD AF, cat-lover from Southeast Idaho. When I'm not creating, you can usually find me rock climbing with my husband, trying new foods, or hyper-fixating on something totally random!

I started pursuing freelance art in 2014 while I was working a full-time job in retail management. Let me tell ya: I quickly realized I wanted freelance art to kick retail to the curb and become my full-time career. Slowly but surely, Pete&Pen was born and I was able to leave my full-time day job in 2018. My career has been nothing short of an adventure since!

I'm a self-taught artist, which comes with its pros and cons. I love learning how to best pivot my creative career to not only provide for my little family but also to best impact my audience in a meaningful way. Positivity and mental health are some of my passions.


My mission is to brighten other's lives and help people realize they are unbelievably rad being exactly who they are!

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