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Attempting a "Traveling Mural" Amist COVID-19

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Currently, I'm working on painting murals on plywood sheets in our little, ghetto basement apartment to keep myself busy during this time of social distancing and quarantine! #stayhomesavelives

With the beauty of Spring coming on full force, I was morally obligated to design a floral piece celebrating the lovely days ahead in little Idaho Falls! Just thinking about it gets me swooning--THE WARMTH, AND SUNSHINE, AND HAPPINESS, AND FLOWERS. Can you tell that I'm beyond excited it's finally getting warmer?

So, here's my idea:

I have finished le mural and I want to request permission to place it in random places throughout Idaho Falls once COVID-19 isn't forcing us to self-isolate and social distance.

I have a few places in mind, but nothing completely fleshed out yet.

My ideal situation would be finding a place indoors with great lighting (like all of these pictures we took in my sister's aesthetics room,) so it would make for optimal pictures! I'm also gunnin' for a space downtown because walking around downtown is super fun, and close to so many other things to do!

Would you want to come take a gander of this mural if you were visiting Idaho Falls? If you live nearby, would it be a fun opportunity to come take fun pictures with your family?


Good idea or nah? Let me know it the comments! We'll just have to see how it all plays out I guess!

To keep posted on this idea please follow me @peteandpen on Instagram!

Along with murals, Pete&Pen is pumping out positive COVID_19 themed pieces over at @peteandpen on Instagram! Follow to make sure you stay up to date on any updates or new mural developments!


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